Emilda is a creative agency passionate about storytelling, design, and technology. We are specialized in crafting websites and mobile apps. We collaborate with small companies to large companies around the world to help them engage their audiences and build powerful brand identity and a visible online presence. Our achievements and growth have always been stable. We started small with the intent to maintain quality and assure that our clients get the best hands on experience from our people. Our need to provide maximum quality has always driven us to be better. Taking up large projects defying the odds and meeting our deadlines ahead of schedule for our clients has made us bolder. 

                       At Emilda, we help our clients grow their businesses online. It was pure passion and dedication that brought Emilda into the picture of digital tech. Software engineers, marketers and graphic designers teamed up under the leadership of Emilda to redefine the dreams of growing companies into a reality. The talent that we've accumulated over the time are perhaps one of the more defining traits of our company, our talented partners and employees engage with our clients on a much higher platform to understand the business and the true needs of every one we represent. We understand your business goals and deliver them according to your business values. Emilda is not just a service-based company. We are much more, taking a leap into the new era of technology and advanced interactive app development we develop our own software to unlock opportunities potentially to reach a global scale.

" We strive to be better, bolder and endeavour for a brighter tomorrow. Join us here at Emilda, let us help build a better you..."

"Emilda is simply the best Web design company you can work with. They really know their stuff. They are friendly and have the latest in technology trends to keep your business website incredible. I strongly recommend Emilda all the time to my clients because I know they will do a great job."

Khalaf Ayed Alanazi

Executive Director ,
Rozana Foodstuff, Riyadh - Saudi Arabia

"Working with Emilda has been a very smooth and enjoyable experience. The support is excellent and the team is eager to share their technical expertise. I have a great deal of respect for this young team applying the latest in design and web development to your business."

Hannah Vanquaille

Founder ,
The Potential Seekers, Belgium

"Working with the Emilda team has been a pleasant experience! Their dedication and passion for what they do is to be appreciated. We look forward to a long lasting and prosperous relationship with the crew at Emilda."

Dr. Mehboob K Moidu

Founder &  Director ,
Carino Holidays, Calicut

"We have been very happy with our new website! It looks professional and very easy to navigate. Every person I worked with at Emilda was knowledgeable, creative, prompt, and personable."

Mohammed Razin

Executive Director ,
Malabar tech Constructions, Kerala

"It has been a real pleasure working with Emilda. The whole process from the initial contact to the completed project was extremely well managed. I am delighted with both the results and the design process."

Shibnaz Nazar,

Founder ,
SHIBAAH Boutique, Taliparamba

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